Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Workshop two, final animatic and Tim Rice

Workshop two was more of a success then workshop one I think. I actually did something that resembled a lecture to start with as I explained the way I go about making animatics and how important they are and that they are when you make your film and everything afterwards is just tweaking etc. I then got them working on animatics based on the ideas they came up with in the first workshop. I think I got them thinking about it in the right way.

Then Tim Rice the lyrical knight came through the animation studio on a tour of the uni with various cameras and minions in tow. The workshop had more or less finished by then so we just made ourselves look busy even though we weren't. Tim Rice then watched my film 'John and Karen' and said "I like that one, that was great". Maybe I could put that on the DVD cover; "I liked that one, that was great" Sir Tim Rice, Lyricist. It could go right under "My Mum liked it" Felix Massie, Animation student.

Yesterday I spent ages editing the final dialogue and animatic. Then I watched Blade Runner. Today I spent ages re-editing everything I did yesterday. I have finished now. Here are the second draft of the animatic and the third and (I think and hope) final draft of the animatic;

Second draft

Third (and final) draft

Now that is done I have made a chart ready to colour in and tomorrow I will definitely start animating. WOO!

Breakdown status; Ignorable (if I don't think about it, it is okay)

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