Monday, 28 May 2007

1756 frames to go

This is it this week. Non stop now until the end. Food is an inconvenience and bed is a necessary evil. I have animated 8 shots so far which sounds good but they are all some of the shortest and simplest shots of the film so it isn't really that much. My weekend was not as productive as I hoped. I worked out that to get all the animation done while leaving enough time at the end for compositing and sound I need to average about 250 frames per day. I decided to aim for 300 per day to provide a safety net. This weekend I barely managed 300 all together. This is not a good thing. I have decided to blame the kitchen for being too much of a distraction (having not had one while staying in Newport during the week) and I think that my progress is going to improve now that I am back on campus with out any comfortable things around me. I have animated two shots so far today so this has made me feel a bit more positive. There is still a lot to do though. There is also the problem today of it being a bank holiday which means that the canteen is not open which means that I have no supply of tea which means I had to buy a cup of tea from the vending machine. It tasted not entirely unlike toilet water, which is not a taste I have actually experienced but I imagine it to be pretty damn unpleasant and pretty damn unpleasant is a phrase I readily apply to the cup of tea which I bought from the vending machine. If only I had a kettle and some milk.

Breakdown status; Critical (no sudden moves, have a medical team on standby)


Jay D Smith said...

whine much?


Tom said...

If you turn around and look at the cupboards the one on your far left is most probebly still full of bottles of wine and vodka.

I imagine that there is a little left in each, which maybe enough for a shot... which you might find adds some excitment to your day.

matthew walker said...

I whine a lot when I havn't got any tea. Couldn't find the vodka :( Oh well. Alcohol just sends me to sleep anyhoo

Tom said...

There is nothing better than a good whinge when you are making a film, letting everyone around you constantly know how bored you are of doing what you are doing, and how uncomfertable you are and how much your hand hurts, makes it all a little better I find. Until Dan blocks your internet connection.

matthew walker said...

absolutly. especially on a blog. that's what blogs are for; moaning about work, bad mouthing your employers and then getting fired because of it. It's even better in China where you get to do jail time for bad mouthing politicians. They have it so good over there.