Monday, 21 May 2007

Sticky Toffee Dialogue

Today was productive. I recorded the dialogue. Daniel Barker got back to me yesterday and I arranged to record the dialogue with him this evening. This has not happened. What has happened is that I recorded the dialogue myself this morning as what was a contingency plan in case it didn't work out with Daniel. I then decided that what I did seemed to work and I decided to stick with that to save time so I decided not to record Daniel. I am still editing down what I recorded so I do not have a clear idea yet if I made the right decision. I recorded quite a lot; two toffee apples worth, averaging two bites per take. I felt very sick afterwards. I will post the locked-down animatic with final dialogue within the next day or so.

My team is going strong. So far Scott and James have modelled and textured the chair and a crate. Amy has modelled the radio and radiator. Should have a full room ready for rendering soon. Next priority is buildings and rain effects. I am doing my first of two workshops tomorrow. After that I intend to finalise the dialogue and animatic and start animating. When that happens I will say 'woo' out loud. I am also staying on campus until Friday so I can comfortably work in to the evenings (my best working hours) with out fear of being unable to get home.


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