Sunday, 20 May 2007

Toffee Apples

When items of food are consumed in an animated film it is vital to attain the right level of accuracy when recording the consumption of the food. It would be pointless to record someone chewing rich tea for example when it is ginger nut that is being featured; the crunch would just not have the right acoustic qualities. With this in mind here is a picture of me making toffee apples;

I followed a simple recipe of 250g of brown sugar and 110ml of water with 25g of butter. With no measuring apparatus at hand I guessed the ratios. As you can see from the picture there is a fair bit of smoke, this was around the point at which the fire alarm went off. I question whether a a Teflon coated pan would have been a wiser choice but perhaps not as I may have caused it irreversible damage.

I finally ended up with five apples coated in burnt sugar. They taste absolutely foul but they sound fine and that is what is important.

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