Thursday, 24 May 2007

2480 frames to go

I said woo out loud today. Although I waited until I was on my own. The cause of the celebration was that I have finally started animating. A mere two weeks in to the four week production. I started simple with the first shot of the cat (shot 4: 69 frames). This is so far all that I have animated which is not very good for a days work but in my defence I did spend the morning cutting up the audio for the individual shots and rendering out updated backgrounds with the new chair that Scott modelled. I also spent some time organising folders to save all the elements in to so that when it comes to rendering frames out and compositing, everything is easy to find. One thing that I have learnt from previous experience is that it helps if everything is easy to find.

So one shot and 69 frames down, 22 shots, 2480 frames and 12 days to go.

*insert expletive here*

Breakdown status; Early stages (care is needed)

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