Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Here is the final film. This is the full version rather then the Depict! version which is 15 seconds shorter.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

An update!

It has been the best part of a year now since I last updated this blog which is pretty shoddy of me. I figure it is about time I did though so here it is; an update!

'Operator' has been finished for a while now. In September I trimmed 15 seconds off it so that I could enter it in to the Depict! competition at Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol (, a competition for films 90 seconds and under. I am glad I did this because it got shortlisted as part of the final 10 and then it won first prize! I was chuffed and very surprised. It was really good because Leigh Hodgkinson's film 'Flighty' which was made on the animator in residence scheme in Newport the previous year also won the Depict! competition in 2006. So that is two years in a row of Depict! success for the Newport AIR scheme and, with 'Operator' being only the second film made on the scheme, that is a 100% success rate! Brilliant.

That's the main news. 'Operator' has been getting in to a small number of festivals and is in competition at Annecy International Animation Festival in June along with the other short film I completed last year 'John and Karen'.

That's all the news.

Goodbye for now.